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B2B Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

  • Opens doors to senior level managers and executives
  • Introduces your specific product/service to the target market faster
  • Creates a larger & more consistent pipeline of revenue potential
  • Allows the sales team to focus on the qualified prospects
  • Motivates sales team with qualified leads and appointments
  • Refines your prospect database.
  • Can result in additional market intelligence about your  competition and your prospective clients' structure, key contacts, budgets, and initiatives.
  • Obtain important data (business intelligence)


  • Appointments and leads are qualified according to criteria provided by client company
  • Buyer profiles are developed by client company or facilitated by consultant


  • Guaranteed security of your proprietary data, accessed only by team leader and project associate.  
  • Non disclosure and strict confidentiality of data handling language included in consultant’s contract or inserted as provided by client   
  • Exclusive industry project status - we will not perform lead generation services for your competitors for 6 months after your contract expires.


  • Clarette C Martin  - Sr Consultant and owner - conducts all pilot programs - makes the calls and manages the entire project. .
  • For extended programs  - our professional business development specialists are highly qualified through experience in a wide range of business environments. The team possesses an average of 15 years of professional sales/customer service and project management career history
  • Our high level of professionalism allows us to be very comfortable contacting at the top level of your target market companies and we represent you well.  
  • Your assigned specialist will become familiar with your unique goals and preferred approach, representing you at the highest professional level and partnering with your internal sales team.
  • Team characteristics include: excellent communications skills, ability to relate to all types of people, confident, strong work ethic, excellent organization skills, reliable, persistent, attentive to detail, efficient, resilient, self motivated and optimistic.
  • Team leadership is provided by Clarette C. Martin, who is a sales/marketing/management consultant and project management of 25 years  - (see About Us)


  • Program pilot is 100 hours includes any required script refinement; contract extension for continuation in 100 hour segments accomplished with a simple contract addendum.
  • Program reporting weekly and 100 hour summaries with analysis provided. We use the ACT contact management system, which provides a range of reporting options.  Client Company receives the calling program benefits with/without their ACT program.  Other CRM systems can be substituted - just ask.
  • Email, fax or snail mail fulfillment is handled by client unless otherwise agreed and separately contracted.
  • Program objectives include generation of both leads & appointments. as an example, qualified leads represent interested prospects who need more details to be sent and/or a phone consultation by an internal sales team member. 
  • Lead criteria is defined further in project implementation stage.